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Situation update

There have been peculiar phenomena for some time. Several of the HSTs have been interrogated but much of what they say has a supernatural slant that did not encourage us to record it as useful data.

However, despite all the babble of Keys, "operatives" that should have been summoned, sacrifices, blood and the first-born and so forth, one oddly consistent factor is the claim that the barriers between the dimensions have fallen and/or that there are intrusions from other worlds. It gives the impression that very disparate HSTs may be members of the same religion - or possibly that they have all attended classes in quantum physics, with varying degrees of comprehension.

It seemed unlikely to be in our remit until the general decided that reports from the area of the Na Gurnaidh faculty were a matter of concern. He had already deployed two units and has now decided to send in a third, plus a number of what he described as,
"Your brightest Wonderkids" to both serve on active duty and to collect and analyse data. I have been seconded with them, as an observer. Apparently there have been reports of dinosaurs and at least one Paleontologist may also be involved in investigations.

Off the record. Firewalled

It would be Na Gurnaidh - as if this year hasn't been bad enough! I have reviewed the records relating to the place. I suppose I hoped that my memory had tricked me, or even that I had somehow conflated the details with the plot of a comedy-horror film or something of the kind.

In fact, the history of contact with Na Gurnaidh is even worse than I had remembered. Possibly I had repressed some of the details. There would be nothing to be ashamed of in that. We all do it, especially when faced with the incredible - and, frankly much of that file is not believable.

I had remembered the disappearance of Agent Frobisher, of course. I had to write to his family (and, apropos of that, it could be very difficult if he should reappear from one of these rumoured "dimensional portals". Embarrassing, at the least. I think I claimed that his painless and heroic death in combat had been witnessed by his unit - I can't find the pages referring to that aspect.

However, the files do contain a detailed account of our inability to keep a HST from Na Gurniadh in custody, in spite of the fact that it appeared to be an ordinary chicken.

I am now on my way to this putative "Dragon Breeding Facility" myself. I do not normally serve in areas where combat is actually taking place, but I suppose it may be a step toward promotion. By hindsight, it may be unfortunate that I had included Murphy with the third
group of agents deployed there. If he is to watch my back I think I would prefer him not to be holding a weapon while he does so.

I wonder who is actually behind the Na Gurnaidh faculty? The DNA results on that "chicken" do imply... It would be interesting to run a full battery of tests on this Master Ki.
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