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I died in the Dungeon of Singindemonhq

I was killed in a damp fountain room by Russell Winters the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

the Axe of Singing, the Dagger of Potions Mixer, the Sceptre of Sunnyd Scooby, the Sceptre of Bohemiancachet, the Sceptre of Gumnut, the Amulet of Bvs, a Figurine of Mitten Press, the Crown of Chimaera Chosen, a Figurine of Faith Slays, the Dagger of Sunnydservices and 82 gold pieces.

Score: 178

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I should have remembered the characteristics of a cockatrice, of course. They are also supposed to be born of an egg laid by a cock chicken, that is, an egg laid by a rooster;  they are incubated by a snake in the warmth of a dunghill. They are probably motivated to attack by envy and embarrassment, unless their aggression is caused by being brought up in such a very disfunctional family.
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